Raptors, Records, and Kyle – They’re On Fire!

By: Melanie P
Posted: February 26, 2020

The Raptors beat the Pacers Sunday night 127-81.

That’s a difference of 46 points.


That’s the largest margin the Raptors have ever won by – a franchise record.

A few weeks ago, we looked at the different records held by the Raptors and the NBA regarding winning streaks, and now we’re going to look at their largest win margins. Indulge me.

Back in 2016, the Raps played the Atlanta Hawks and won by 44 points. This has been the franchise win margin record for the past three years.

According to CBS Sports, Sunday was only the 27th time in NBA history that there has been a win margin of this magnitude.

Last year, the Charlotte Hornets massacred the Memphis Grizzlies 140-79, setting the franchise record for the largest margin of victory: 61 points! It had been 20 years since the NBA had seen a margin like that – not since the Indiana Pacers walloped the Portland Trail Blazers by 65 points in 1998.

The biggest win margin in the NBA, though? That happened way back in 1991. The Cleveland Cavaliers played the Miami Heat and won to the tune of 68 points – 148-80. Crazy, right? Bad hair and short shorts aside, 1991 was a damn good year.

(Thanks to Fadeawayworld for these stats!)

Anyway, back to the Raptors.

A huge part of this victory was Kyle Lowry’s stellar performance. Kyle – who, by the way, is fresh off of his All Star performance where he wowed the world with his heart, hustle, and defensive charges – netted 16 points and 11 assists. How is it that this guy just keeps on pushing?

You’ll recall that back in the off season, I had a conversation with a friend who said that Lowry was poised to be the team’s emotional leader (see this post from July). I had agreed with this, but personally felt that Pascal Siakam would be the more powerful, overall leader. And while Spicy has blown us away with his ability and prowess this season, Kyle has maintained his usual powerhouse self, strong and consistent throughout.

I almost said, “his usual understated self,” but on second thought, there’s really nothing understated about Kyle’s game. Nothing at all. Tomorrow the Raps are back on the court, gearing up for a huge game against the Bucks. While our boys from the Six are leading the Eastern Conference, Milwaukee currently has the best record in the league. Here’s hoping that the same hustle and stamina that led Kyle, Spicy P, Serge, and the others to set another franchise record can help them crush the competition.

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Image Source: Canadian Press

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