How To Get Your Sports Fix While Everything Is Cancelled

By: Whitney Carroll McKinnon
Posted: March 23, 2020

Lack of sports fix got you down? We’ve got you covered.

If you’re among the millions of Americans going totally stir-crazy in your home right now, greetings! You’re in good company. We love our families/roommates/pets, but being cooped up with them 24/7 is enough to make anyone teeter on the edge of sanity.

(If you work in a non-essential industry and choose to continue going on with life as normal, stop it. Go home, read the CDC’s coronavirus guidelines, and consider yourself the recipient of a forceful finger wag.)

Making isolation even less tolerable is the fact that sports, along with pretty much everything else, has been put on hold indefinitely. And it doesn’t look like anything will be changing anytime soon—the Tokyo Olympics have officially been postponed, marking the first time that the Olympics have been called off for a reason other than war.

Life in isolation doesn’t have to be totally sports-free. Here are some ways you can get your sports fix during the coronavirus pandemic without leaving the house.

If you’re going crazy without the NBA…

You’re going to want to sign up for NBA League Pass ASAP. The season may be indefinitely on hiatus, but you can relive some of your favorite games from the shortened season while you’re waiting for life to resume some normalcy. Plus, you’ll get access to their archive of classic games. NBA League Pass is being offered for free through April 22, so you have a month to soak up as much basketball as you possibly can.

If the idea of rewatching older games bums you out, why not grab a hoop movie to tide you over? Hoosiers is one of the ultimate classics that’s always worth a watch. And if you’re deep in the throes of unexpected homeschooling, throw on Space Jam to get your basketball fill while also enjoying a little peace and quiet from the kiddos. Just wait until they go to bed to put on He Got Game or Love & Basketball.

Disappointed about the MLB’s Opening Day postponement?

Me too. But thanks to PBS, you can brush up on your knowledge of America’s favorite pastime. Ken Burns’ 1994 series Baseball is available for streaming through PBS. If you haven’t seen Burns’ deep dive into the history of the game (or even if you have), now is the time to binge it.

If documentaries aren’t your thing, there are a ton of great baseball movies out there for your viewing pleasure. A League Of Their Own is one of my favorite films of all time, quarantine or not. You can also grab Field Of Dreams, Bull Durham, Moneyball, The Bad News Bears, 42, or Angels In The Outfield (an underrated family-friendly choice) to get your sports fix. 

If you’re seriously missing hockey…

You’re not alone. Luckily, the NHL is doing The Most when it comes to keeping fans entertained. Full replays of games from the shortened season are available on (and the NHL app). You can also head to the NHL’s official YouTube channel to enjoy the “NHL Pause Binge” series, which features streaming of games from the 1950s to today as well as documentaries and NHL original content.

If you feel like scratching your hockey itch with a movie, you’ve got a few classics to choose from. Miracle is one of the best sports films of all time, hockey or not. Plus, with the Olympics in jeopardy, it’ll give you a dose of the patriotism (the fun kind) you love about the Games. The Mighty Ducks series is also a great choice for a rainy day, and once the kids are in bed, enjoy Slap Shot in all of its ‘70s glory.

Missing football already?

We know the season just ended, but if you’re a football fan nervous about when you’ll get your next sports fix, we have good news. NFL Game Pass is offering free access through May 31. You can watch previously played games in full or in a condensed version, as well as premium content like “Hard Knocks” and “A Football Life”.

Want to watch a football movie instead? Remember The Titans is a wonderful film that continues to hold up with every viewing. Rudy is a classic college football film that goes beyond the gridiron with Sean Astin pulling at every heartstring. The Blind Side, We Are Marshall, and Friday Night Lights (either the movie or the series—both are excellent) will also take care of your football craving while providing plenty of entertainment.

P.S. I am very mad at Tom Brady.

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