Allie Quigley Is Going To Win The NBA Horse Tournament

By: Dani Bar-Lavi
Posted: April 16, 2020

Earlier last week, we reported that the NBA would be hosting a HORSE tournament integrating a roster of veterans, Hall of Famers, and young players from the WNBA and NBA alike.

The first round has come and gone, with Chauncey Billups having surprisingly upset Trae Young, a fan favorite to win the whole thing. But my favorite from the beginning, and the favorite of many hardcore WNBA fans, remains in the tournament: Chicago Sky shooting guard Allie Quigley.

Before the tournament, Quigley stunted on her eventual victim Chris Paul by posting multiple videos of her hitting trick shots and deep threes in her cobblestone driveway in suburban Chicagoland. From Curry-land to the Pistol Pete sitting J, Quigs has a straight up nasty set of tricks up her sleeve.

Quigley will be going up against fellow Chicago basketball star Zach Lavine of the Bulls in the Semi-Finals, and it’ll be quite an interesting duel. Lavine, to his credit, has shown that he can employ his athleticism in this competition even though the rules prohibit dunking, his signature skill. Clever lay-ups and floaters helped Lavine triumph in the first round over NBA legend Paul Pierce.

Ultimately, however, HORSE is a game about shooting. Allie Quigley is one of the most effortlessly talented deep range dead-eyes to ever play the sport of basketball, and I do believe we’ll be seeing her in the finals against the winner of the Mike Conley and Chauncey Billups game. And let’s be honest—neither of those names should exactly strike fear in Quigley OR LaVine’s hearts.

We, alongside every woman and girl sports fan in America, will be rooting for her.

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Image Source: AP Images

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