Elizabeth Williams Talks Healthcare With Her Series “E Talks With Docs”

By: Zachary Diamond
Posted: July 29, 2020

You may know Elizabeth Williams as the shot-blocking extraordinaire for the Atlanta Dream, but did you know she has a live series where she talks to leading women in the healthcare field?

Since late April, Williams has hosted “E Talks With Docs,” a weekly Instagram Live series focused on women in healthcare.

Williams told Sports Are From Venus in Tuesday’s media availability how she started the series.

“It started during quarantine, I was talking to my agent a little bit about, one, content for athletes, because a lot of our content comes from playing and two, content showing something that I am interested in outside of basketball. One of my friends, she’s in med school, and her sister is an anesthesiologist, and she was just talking about how she was dealing with COVID-19, so the combination of creating content and having a relationship with her is how it started. I think people are looking for more knowledge when it comes to COVID-19 and just hearing different stories and different perspectives. I think I’ve learned that throughout this whole pandemic, healthcare workers really appreciate the extra love and support they’ve gotten and it’s motivated them because obviously these times are unprecedented so I just want to continue having these conversations with people in health care.”

Examples of guests on Williams’ show include Dr. Theresa Williamson, a Neurosurgical Fellow at Duke University Hospital, Dr. Sarah Cutter, an anesthesiologist in Boston, Seattle Children’s Hospital Pediatrics resident Dr. Valentine Esposito, and registered dietitian nutritionist Ashley Besecker.

During college at Duke, Williams was a psychology major and on the pre-medicine track. Her father is a doctor and her mother is a nurse, so healthcare is in her blood.

Dream head coach Nicki Collen told Sports Are From Venus about Williams’ history in the medical world.

“She’s from a family of doctors, so she’s kinda grown up that way. I think her ultimate goal is to go to medical school. I know that when I first became an assistant in Connecticut, Connecticut traded her to Atlanta. I really hadn’t taken the job when that trade happened yet, but kinda knew of it going down, and some of that was fear of her not necessarily prioritizing basketball long term, which obviously has not been the case with her and I’m certainly lucky to have her. There was always this perception that she might go right to medical school or play a couple of years and then go to medical school. Instead, she got super fit and has continued to become a better basketball player. But, I think there is still a big part of her with her Dad being a doctor and growing up in that world, and having the plans to potentially be in the medical field that she’s super aligned in that area and the whole empowering of women is important today, so I think it is a pretty logical connection there for her to do what she’s doing.”

Fortunately for the Dream, Williams has stuck with her WNBA career and has excelled as one of the league’s top shot blockers.

For her career, Williams averages 9.3 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 1.8 blocks per game. Since 2016, Williams has been in the top 5 leaders in blocks every season. In 2019, Williams tied for third in the WNBA in blocks averaging 1.7 per game.

Considering that Williams comes from a family of health care workers and has an interest in the medical world, it would not be surprising to see her go on to become a doctor after her basketball career.

It is amazing that Elizabeth Williams is using her basketball platform to help educate the public with professionals in the medical field.

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