The Raptors Are Rocking The Bubble!

By: Melanie P
Posted: August 5, 2020


I can’t tell you how happy I was on Saturday night to settle down into my comfy spot on the couch, pull up my lucky socks (okay, I don’t have lucky socks, but I should have), munch on my favourite chips, and watch the Raptors run around the basketball court for the first time in MONTHS. Serge! Marc! Kyle! Norm! All my favourite faces back on the big screen. Such a great feeling.

Man, did my boys ever kick some ass! OG Anunoby was absolutely on fire, taking on LeBron James like a one-man wall. Raptors Republic even titled their recap of the game, “Aununoby vs Lakers.”

And when Lebron casually sunk a few three-pointers, OG responded by shooting two of his own. At the end of the night, King James finished with 20 points while my man OG had 23. Take that, LA.

And then there was yesterday afternoon. Remember how I told you that my mom once exclaimed, “Fred is hot tonight!”? I uttered that phrase several times while watching the game against the Heat.

(Side note – I was watching the game at my sister’s house and at one point the announcer mentioned something about how Fred is in the top 5 for most steals in the NBA. Without thinking, I said, “Yeah, he’s in the top five for ball stealing, but he’s number one at stealing my mom’s heart!” And yes, I laughed at my own joke. How could I not?)

While Adebayo was guarding Pascal and Butler was guarding Lowry, VanVleet ran circles around them all and sunk basket after basket, ending with a career-best 36 points for the game. When he got the ball from Dragic with only seven seconds left in the game, it was all over. Free throws ensued and victory was ours. Victory! Fred! My man! Thank you!

The Raps are simply killing it in the bubble. I mean, they were playing more than solid games before COVID-19 hit, but the training they must have put themselves through during their period of isolation has definitely made a difference, especially for Fred and OG. They’ve come back more focused, more determined, and more fierce than ever.

Who’s ready to see what kinda heat they bring on Wednesday?

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Image Source: AP Images

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