With Second WNBA Championship and Finals MVP, Breanna Stewart Is Building Her GOAT Case

By: Dani Bar-Lavi
Posted: October 7, 2020

The Seattle Storm clinched their fourth franchise championship this Tuesday, cementing their victory over the Las Vegas Aces with a decisive 92-59 victory in Game 3. As green and yellow confetti rained from the sky, and the Storm roster from top to bottom shouted in celebration, the entire basketball world marveled at the giddy, drunk 26-year old who had just won her second Finals MVP in only 4 active seasons in the WNBA: Breanna Stewart.

On her way to her second championship, Stewie averaged 26 points on downright fictional sounding 71/75/75 shooting splits over the three games. I quadruple checked those numbers because they shouldn’t be possible.

But then again, the line between possible and impossible seems to be a line that Breanna Stewart either does not care about, or simply cannot see through her comically oversized champagne goggles. It also shouldn’t be possible to win the March NCAA tournament every freaking year of college. It shouldn’t be possible to win a Finals MVP at age 24 when you’re playing alongside one of the greatest WNBA players of all time in Sue Bird. It shouldn’t be possible to finish second in league MVP voting and lead your team to your second championship less than 18 months after tearing your ACL, one of the most debilitating injuries in sports.

But again, impossible means nothing to Breanna Stewart. She’s barely 26 years old and she has 4 NCAA Championships, 2 WNBA Championships, 2 World Cup Gold Medals, an Olympic Gold Medal, 2 Finals MVPs, 1 season MVP, 4 NCAA Most Outstanding Player Awards, a EuroLeague MVP, and a World Cup MVP. Again, she just turned 26 in August, and she has a career’s worth of accolades. Breanna Stewart has already canonized herself as one of the most decorated and dominant players to ever pick up a basketball, and dare I say, dynamically slammed her hat into the GOAT discussion.

And there’s a lot of basketball left to be played for Stewie. A lot.

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Photo via AP Images, all stats courtesy of WNBA.com.

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