Jordan Fuller – Making Waves

By: Thomas Capo
Posted: October 20, 2020

Younger players are often secret weapons for teams on offense and defense.  Unlikely to draw attention from opposing coordinators, these guys make a big difference for their teams before they become full-blown stars at the NFL level.

Jordan Fuller

Safety – Los Angeles Rams

Two pass breakups, four total tackles, allowed only one catch for eight yards

Interceptions are great, but sometimes it’s the absence of stats on the opposing team that show how well a defensive player is doing, especially in the secondary.  It’s pretty common for opposing defenses to focus their offensive game plan on receivers covered by rookies, hoping that they’ll catch them out of position, or bait them into a coverage mistake.  But no matter what the Washington Football Team tried Jordan Fuller just wasn’t biting.  He blanketed his covers so well that they only threw in his direction three times all game, and when they did, he batted the ball out of the air twice. 

The ending stat line for opposing pass-catchers? 

One catch- eight yards.  That’s it.  Fuller is also showing himself to be a solid open field tackler and has started to show some great instincts in the Rams complex coverage schemes.  Los Angeles may have gotten a steal with the round six (199th overall) pick out of Ohio State. 

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Image Source: Associated Press Images

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