Top 5 NHL Retro Reverse Jerseys

By: Max O'Neill
Posted: November 16, 2020

The NHL and Adidas have come out with Reverse Retro jerseys to be worn in the upcoming season. What are the top 5 sweetest jerseys of the set?

  1. New York Rangers—Statue of Liberty

It’s an iconic logo, one of the best in sports. It fits well into the Blueshirts current classic jersey lineup. It is also a jersey that the fans have been begging for, for years now. The Statue of Liberty is a New York landmark, an iconic piece of New York and now the best hockey team in New York will be once again wearing the iconic Statue of Liberty. The criticisms come in that it doesn’t have enough color especially on the sleeves.

2. Anaheim Ducks–Wild Duck 

Disney announced that they are producing a new Dark Wing Duck tv show for Disney+. So, there is absolutely no better time to bring back this Wild Duck jersey, showing their mascot flying through the air. The criticism comes when thought about as to how it relates to the other Mighty Ducks throwback jerseys that they have which arguably might be better than this one.

3. Carolina Hurricanes–Whalers jerseys 

Hartford Whalers gear has been tremendously sought after amongst nostalgic sports fans and this will be not different. The shoulder patch has the Whale logo. When you mix this with a player like Sebastian Aho flying down the ice and it will look amazing. My main criticism of it though is that it incorporates the Hurricanes colors too much. The Canes have a really amazing all green Whalers jersey that is much better. However, there are four guarantees in life, death, taxes, Whalers jerseys being must haves and……

4. Colorado Avalanche—Nordiques Jerseys

 Nordiques jerseys being must haves. Whereas the Whalers jersey gets criticized for not having enough old Hartford Whalers colors in their jersey, this actually thrives on the mix of Avs colors and Nordiques colors. I think it is because the Nordiques color way is not as iconic as the bright green of the Hartford Whalers. Why it comes in fourth though is not a criticism of it, but a love for the previous four to a greater extent though. 

5. Calgary Flames—Horse Head Jerseys 

I think about Jarome Iginla more than any other player when I look at these jerseys and that’s very much a good thing. These jerseys transport me back to around 2003 playing NHL 03 with Iginla on the cover on the Nintendo GameCube, listening to Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World on loop. To those reading this article who were immediately transported 15 years into the past, you’re welcome. These jerseys are very much products of the early 2000s and still stand up today. The eyes are red and look really intense. The criticism comes in at what does a horse have to do with fire honestly? I do know that it is to honor the western heritage of the Calgary area but still.

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