Know Your Meme: Breanna Stewart, MVP of Reaction Photos

By: Robocoko
Posted: November 18, 2020

The two-time WNBA Champion and Finals MVP is also an all-star of making memeable expressions.

For my second article in my Know Your Meme series, I have made a taxonomy of sorts of Stewie’s facial expressions, from saddest to happiest. I will provide some context when necessary, but mostly get your ⌘-S fingers ready, because you now have a personalized set of reaction images. Thank you to all who contributed your meme folders to this article. I tried my best to give credit to those who sent them to me or where I found them.

Sad Stewie

via Jess

WTF Stewie

via Jess

Gross! Stewie

via Silva

Doomscrolling Stewie

via oosaoosautd

Bored Stewie

For more context see my article on WNBA storylines.

None of my Business Stewie

via @wlohaty

You hearing this?! Stewie

via @GabyMaPaVal

“Not Bad” Stewie

Stewie’s reaction upon learning that she set a record with 35 points and 15 rebounds in the Storm’s victory over the Aces in Game 1 of the WNBA Finals.

Stewie Pointing at Things

Both via @GabyMaPaVal

Yikes! Stewie

via Jess
via @GabyMaPaVal
via oosaoosautd

Hello from Stewie’s Head

Both via @GabyMaPaVal

The Stewie Shrug

This came after a fully ridiculous shot that no human being should make.

Ultimate Power Stewie

The final evolution of shrug Stewie.

via @spencernusbaum_

Hopeful Stewie

Excited Stewie

Stewie with a Cat

I have nothing to tell you about why this is happening.

via @GabyMaPaVal.

Drunk Stewie

After winning the 2020 WNBA championship and Finals MVP, Stewie followed in the drunken footsteps of EDD, Kristi Toliver, and Natasha Cloud by showing up to the press conference with champagne in hand and protective goggles still on. The bottle came with her as she played in confetti, later crashing Sue Bird’s press conference. It’s… joyous.

via Silva
via @Mellentuck

Drunk Stewie (2018)

This time with a broom.

via @SilvaCuzWhyNot

Blocked by Stewie

Honestly, it would be an honor.

via @TheSkyShowCHI

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