Know Your Meme: The 2020 Los Angeles Sparks

By: Robocoko
Posted: December 2, 2020

The Los Angeles Sparks are known for their champion talent but they are also elite-level personalities.

So far in my Know Your Meme series, I’ve covered the top storylines of the 2020 season and the expressive face of Breanna Stewart. In my next installment, I’ll cover the memes from the 2020 LA Sparks, a distinguished group of veterans, champions, and absolute characters. Thank you to all who contributed your meme folders to this article.

Candace Parker: Unbothered by Bad Energy, Bothered by Bad Calls

As I’ve covered previously in my article on the top storylines of the season, Candace Parker was iconically unbothered by her snub from the All-Defensive team after winning DPOY. She keeps it cool off the court. On the court, however, she is known to be animated, and not take anyone’s shit. So this season we got some amazing reactions when Candace believed the referee missed a call:

I’m sure you want this one as an image too:

And to be fair to Candace, she is just as expressive when she believes the ref got the call right, like when she successfully took a charge this year:

This is also a highly effective core exercise

Derek Fisher Should Be Fired

So this isn’t strictly a 2020 meme, but I am personally not over it. And clearly, neither is twitter:

In the 2019 playoffs, in a must-win game, Fisher benched Candace Parker in the third quarter and never put her back in. Candace put it best, mumbling from the bench: “Why would you do that? Why would you do that right now?

While Candace and Fish appeared to have patched things up by the time they made it to the Wubble, the internet never forgets. (Come to Chicago Candace, Wade would never do that to you.)

Do Not Come For the PointGawd

The Athletic covered this mini-feud well. After Courtney Vandersloot broke the assist record with back-to-back assists to her wife (AKA one of my favorite sports moments of all time), teammate Gabby Williams declared:

I donโ€™t want anyone else calling their point guard a point gawd, because we have the one.

A casual fan might not have gotten the reference, but the Sparks took this as a shot across the bow. You see, the Sparks have long called Chelsea Gray “Point Gawd” and for good reason. She even has a shirt, which the Sparks naturally sported to their next game, making clear who they think the true god of the point is:

Don’t worry, I have a feeling this debate will continue into next season.

Seimone Augustus: Always Bringing an Absolute Vibe

The first thing to know about Seimone Augustus is that she’s one of the best to ever play the game: a four-time Champion, rookie of the year, and finals MVP. The second thing to know is that she always appears to bring an absolute vibe to everything she does. Here she is, just being:

With that much personality, without saying a single word, it comes as no surprise that Seimone’s expressions are particularly meme-able. In fact, my first ever blog post detailed her incredible bit of acting completely disgusted by every Sparks huddle. thus creating some of my most-used reaction images for when people on the internet have terrible opinions:

Of course, this is just one set of reaction images from Mone; there are plenty more to choose from:

Brittney Sykes: Ultimate Bodyguard

So I’m not sure there is a “meme” here, but I just think it is really important that you see these incredible videos if you have not already. Just call her Kevin Costner, because Slim is the bodyguard for her teammates:

And the protector of the paint:

Brittney also gave us the following two absolutely perfect reactions:

Bonus: Slim & Mone

Please sign my petition to require the Sparks have a live feed at every practice:

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