You Should Watch Fran Belibi Dunk

By: Robocoko
Posted: December 15, 2020

The first time I ever saw Fran Belibi dunk, it made me cry. She was one of the competitors in the Dunk Contest of McDonald’s All American Game: POWERADE Jam Fest.

For readers not deeply involved in the basketball or sports drink marketing world, the McDonald’s All American Game is an annual contest between the top boys’ and girls’ high school graduates. In 2019, Fran Belibi became only the second female player to win the Dunk Contest, 15 years after Candace Parker won in 2004 with her blind dunk.

Now I am not particularly prone to waterworks about sports. (I became a Bulls fan in 2014, I can withstand anything). But what does make me cry is watching people succeed in doing what they love in a world that is often against them. (I have cried during every episode of Legendary). So watching Fran win the dunk contest was an absolute delight:

And what I want you to really watch for, is how all the other players on the court react. They are there with her, they celebrate her, and they are PSYCHED about it.

That is how people who love basketball celebrate a woman succeeding in basketball. Not some of the nonsense you see online.

Fran Belibi is now a sophomore at Stanford, the No. 1 ranked women’s college basketball team in the country. And she just got the first dunk of her college career in Stanford’s win over Cal on Sunday (score omitted out of respect). Join me in getting PSYCHED about it:

Let’s all rush the court once this pandemic over.

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