DiDi Richards Is No Stranger to the Spotlight

By: Crina Mustafa
Posted: May 10, 2021

“DiDi, lay off the hot dogs.” A laugh goes around the zoom call as DiDi Richards reacts to this statement from somebody off camera. This was just moments after she told me that there’s a hotdog stand on every corner in New York City. Big lights, big city, and a big love for hotdogs, of course. Adjusting to The City That Never Sleeps has been just that, really fast. However, New York Liberty rookie DiDi Richards hasn’t slowed down at all, staying excited and happy for this next step in her basketball journey.

For avid women’s basketball fans, the name DiDi Richards is very familiar. She was a defensive star in college, starring for the Baylor Lady Bears and achieving a lot of success with them. Some of the accolades from her time at Baylor included an NCAA championship, all-defensive team, and defensive player of the year. She’s now poised to take her skills and help the Liberty as much as she can.

“That’s definitely the focus in practice right now, so I’m hoping that I’m able to help them on the defensive side, that’s what I specialize at, so I just want to bring that to the court.” -DiDi Richards

Through the highs, there were also some scary moments for the Baylor star. In the final year of college, she suffered a spinal cord injury after colliding with another player on the court. The road to recovery was tough, as the injury left her temporarily paralyzed from the hips down. Richards pulled through with hard work and dedication and was back on the court just over a month later. She’s only gotten stronger and tougher since then, and she’s ready to take New York by storm.

(photo credit: Crina Mustafa)

Her excitement in the media availability alone has been infectious, and she’s a bright presence on this team. They’ve only had one closed scrimmage so far in the preseason but they’re set to face the Indiana Fever on May 14 at 7:00 PM EST to kick off the WNBA regular season. The Liberty released their broadcast schedule a couple of days ago, so you can follow DiDi Richards and her journey with the team this season.

The spotlight is once again, shining bright on DiDi Richards, and she is embracing it.

“…it’s a dream come true.” -DiDi Richards on her transition to New York


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