Robocoko’s Off-Ball WNBA Season Predictions

By: Robocoko
Posted: May 11, 2021

Sure, I could predict for you that the Chicago Sky will win the championship and Candace Parker will win her third MVP, but that’s boring and that’s not my style.  My expertise lies in off-ball shenanigans. If you need my credentials, two of my predictions have already come true prior to publishing:

  • A WNBA Player Gets a Fenty Contract (Achieved – Liz Cambage

Impressed? Me too. Here are my remaining predictions for what is coming this season, in order of confidence: 

Prediction: The Next MVP has Two or More Dogs

Why I’m confident: This one is straightforward. We’ve already learned that MVPs love dogs and I’m predicting this season will be no different. I was going to just say one dog, but I decided to up the ante and predict two or more dogs. 

Contenders: Players with multiple pups include A’ja Wilson, Courtney Vandersloot, Elene Delle Donne,  Jonquel Jones, Arike Ogunbowale, and Candace Parker. This prediction isn’t looking so silly now, is it?

Prediction: A New Parent Will Become Everyone’s Favorite Sideline Interview

Why I’m feeling confident: Who didn’t fall in love with Courtney Williams’ dad Don hyping her up from the sidelines in the 2019 finals? Or Jewell Loyd’s mom Gwen becoming the Seattle Storm’s personal cheering section over twitter? It’s a certainty that Papa Williams and Mama Loyd will be back this season, but I predict some new parents will shake their pom-poms too.

Contenders: I’m thinking we’re going to have a Rookie Parent of the Year in 2021. Early contenders are Kysre Gondrezick’s mom and Michaela Onywere’s grandmother.

Prediction: A WNBA Podcaster Lands an Interview with an Obama

Why I’m feeling good: Last year, the players of the WNBA established themselves as a political force. After the Atlanta Dream’s co-owner expressed antagonism to the Black Lives Matter movement, the athletes threw their weight behind Reverend Raphael Warnock, her democratic opponent, who ultimately ousted her from the Senate. It’s only natural that the former First Family would want to talk shop with these activists.

Contenders: The obvious choice here is Renee Montgomery’s podcast Remotely Renee. Renee is the new co-owner of the Dream and a political force all on her own. Also: she already interviewed Stacey Abrams, so we know she has the chops. Alternatively, let’s get an Obama daughter on A’ja Wilson and Napheesa Collier’s podcast Tea with A & Phee to spill the tea on life in the White House.

Prediction: A Surprising Player Gets a Tech for Arguing with Another Player

Why I’m Hopeful: Last season, Diana Taurasi and Allie Quigley got spicy, and it was the first time I’d personally seen Quigs get T’d up for arguing. So we have precedent here.

Contenders: I’m thinking a Lynx player will channel some of that Cheryl Reeve energy this year. Could Sylvia Fowles not live up to her ‘Sweet Syl’ reputation this year? Maybe seemingly unflappable Napheesa Collier will shimmy her way into a tussle? Bridget Carleton might take it a bridge too far? There are plenty of options.

Prediction: A Group of WNBA Players Go as Destiny’s Child this Halloween

Why It Could Happen: We learned this year that WNBA players go pretty hard for Halloween and I’m hopeful we’ll see some group costumes this year if players are out of quarantine. 

Contenders: An obvious choice would be Betnijah Laney and Courtney Williams, but we’ve learned that they would never be able to decide on who is the Beyoncé and who is the Kelly. Instead, I think longtime friends Dearica Hamby and Diamond DeShields will team up. Amaya, Dearica’s daughter, will be Beyoncé.

Did I get it right? We’ll just have to watch and see. Drop your best off-court predictions on us here…

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