Robocoko’s Player of the Week: Kayla Thornton

By: Robocoko
Posted: May 28, 2021

Throughout the WNBA season, I’ll be highlighting players who’ve made their mark each week, off and on the court. Utilizing the Down Low Database, my collection of player profiles, we’ll learn all about the athletes who often don’t receive enough coverage in major outlets.

Week 2: Kayla Thornton

a/k/a KT

The Basics

Kayla is a 6’1 Forward who went undrafted after graduating from the University of Texas-El Paso. Kayla was later signed to the Washington Mystics for 10 games in 2015, but fell out of the league until she was picked up by the Dallas Wings for the 2017 season. She has played for the Wings ever since and signed a multi-year contract extension in February.

How She Made Her Mark this Week

While the Wings were unable to lock down a win this week, that is not reflective of the team’s—or Kayla’s—efforts. Kayla was key in sending their game against the defending Champions Seattle Storm team to overtime, securing a lay-up, steal, and a trip to the line all in the last 33 seconds of regulation.

Thornton also notched back-to-back double-doubles this week, tying her season-high for double-doubles she set the last year. In fact, she is currently averaging a double-double for the season with rebounds and points, briefly topping the league in rebounds per game this week. She is doing this all with career-high efficiency, increasing her effective field goal percentage by more than 10 percent this season.

Also, can your big do it like this from the three-point line?

With her play so far this season, Kayla has officially put herself on my MIP watch list.

Other Things to Know about KT

What comes out when you learn about Kayla is how much you would want her in your locker room.

For more on Kayla Thornton, see her profile on the Down Low Database.

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