Robocoko’s Player of the Week: Kahleah Freaking Copper

By: Robocoko
Posted: June 21, 2021

Throughout the WNBA season, I’ll be highlighting players who’ve made their mark each week, off and on the court. Utilizing the Down Low Database, my collection of player profiles, we’ll learn all about the athletes who often don’t receive enough coverage in major outlets.

Week 5: Kahleah Copper

a/k/a KFC

The Basics

Just a kid from North Philly. Kahleah is a 6’1 Guard/Forward drafted out of Rutgers in 2016. She was drafted by the Washington Mystics but was traded to the Chicago Sky ahead of the 2017 season. Since 2020, she’s been in the starting line-up for the Sky, generally at the 3 spot.

How She Made Her Mark this Week

It’s time we talked about KFC. If you had to guess, who would you say is the leading scorer for the Chicago Sky? Two-time MVP Candace Parker? Two-time three-point champion Allie Quigley? Current WNBA Eastern Conference Player of the Week Courtney Vandersloot? No, it’s Kahleah Freaking Copper. While the Sky have a balanced offense with 6 players averaging double digits, it is KFC leading the charge with 14.1 ppg.

This week she once again showed her value on this team as the Sky went 3-0. Let’s take a look at the numbers:

  • On June 15, Kahleah put up a casual 16 points along with 3 steals
  • On June 17, Kahleah notched a team-high 18 points as well as 8 rebounds
  • On June 19, Kahleah led the team with 9 rebounds against the post-dominant Sun, plus 8 points.

And all of this is not even getting in to her peskiness on defense and speed, making her absolutely deadly in transition. Honestly, good luck trying to defend her once she get’s going:

Just a brief reminder that WNBA All-Star voting is still open.

Other Things to Know about KFC

  • Proudly from Philadelphia and hosts a basketball camp there.
  • Has a dog named Sonny.
  • Served as an Assistant Coach for the Purdue Northwest women’s basketball team for their 2020-2021 season.
  • Obsessed with her birthday and birthday cakes, and got bundt cake sent to every player in the Wubble.
  • Kahleah and teammate Diamond DeShields give each other pep talks before each game, and I love it for them.

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Photo credit: Chris Sweda / Chicago Tribune

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