Robocoko’s Player of the Week: Amanda Zahui B.

By: Robocoko
Posted: June 29, 2021

Throughout the WNBA season, I’ll be highlighting players who’ve made their mark each week, off and on the court. Utilizing the Down Low Database, my collection of player profiles, we’ll learn all about the athletes who often don’t receive enough coverage in major outlets.

Week 6: Amanda Zahui B.

The Basics

Zahui B. is a 6’5 Center originally from Sweden. The “B” is short for Bazoukou (She shortened her name so it would fit on her jersey and be easier for Americans to pronounce, which is fair). Amanda was drafted out of Minnesota in 2015 to the now-defunct Tulsa Shock. She played for the New York Liberty from 2016-2020; she signed with the Los Angeles Sparks ahead of the 2021 season.

How She Made Her Mark this Week

Amanda said Happy Pride!! Zahui B. is your Player of the Week because she sparked joy all month.

This week, Amanda participated in a honest conversation with Candice Dupree over at Just Women’s Sports about Pride Month and the WNBA, moderated by Hannah Withiam. It is definitely a recommended read.

Earlier, she wrote more about pride in her essay for

In my personal journey of finding myself, I have discovered that not only am I still learning and growing, but I am so damn proud of the steps I’ve taken along the way as a young adult in this world. I am proud of the struggles that I once barely could understand and that I have now have crushed- basically slam-dunked them. I pridefully dunked on the downs, on the struggles of accepting the fact that I am not like anyone else walking this earth. I have flaws, I am not perfect, according to this generations views and opinions of perfect, but guess what?! Me, Amanda Zahui Bazoukou- I’m proud of who I am and who I am still becoming.

I celebrate my body, my mind and my sexuality. I am confident and open to the fact that I was made to love women. I was created to celebrate the beautiful women on this earth. To love the most powerful creature on this earth, the woman.

AZB also brought the joy on the court when she all but sealed their game against the Washington Mystics with this block:

That was just one of her three blocks in the win against the Mystics. What’s not to celebrate?

Other Things to Know about AZB

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Photo credit: Amanda Zahui B.’s Twitter Account

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