Angel City FC Unveils Crest Ahead of Inaugural Season

By: Justin McMullen
Posted: June 30, 2021

(Image courtesy of Angel City FC)

Angel City FC, the Los Angeles-based expansion club whose star-studded ownership group includes a cadre of celebrity minority owners along with Natalie Portman, Kara Nortman, Julie Uhrman and Alexis Ohanian, have unveiled the crest and color scheme the team will take to the pitch when they make their NWSL debut in 2022. 

“In this great city known for its endless sunsets and legendary stars, our visual identity had to pay homage to these important Los Angeles symbols, yet also signal what Angel City stands for ‒ a more equitable future for all,” said Uhrman, Founder and President of Angel City.

The crest consists of an angel hued in pink-to-orange gradient and placed inside a shield with a traditional rounded bottom and a top angled skyward at 22 degrees, representing both the year in which the team will begin play and the 22-player roster. The angel’s face is pointed toward the top of the angle, representing the club’s optimism for a bright future ahead. The angel’s wings are shaped to pay homage to the Red-tailed Hawk, a fierce bird of prey native to Southern California. The wings have 12 feathers, a nod to the team’s starting XI plus one feather for the entire roster, support staff and community of fans. Some feathers are shaped like palm trees, another local Easter egg. Below the angle inside the shield is the club’s wordmark reading, “Angel City FC.” 

“That angel is breaking the mold,” said ACFC Vice President of Player Development and Operations Angela Hucles in a reveal video hosted by CBS Sports Champions League host Kate Abdo and released to the club’s YouTube channel. “And I think when you think of Angel City FC, that really speaks to who we are. We are not a conventional sports team, but we’re unabashedly going towards breaking the mold and setting new standards.” 

Each part of the crest was carefully planned out to represent all parts of Los Angeles, including the pink-orange color designed to represent the LA sunset, Angel City Head of Content Jennifer Pransky told Steph Yang at The Athletic. 

“It’s this idea that there’s so many different areas of LA and they’re all super diverse and have such great variety,” Pransky said. “So everyone kind of walks their own piece of street, every single day, but at the end of every day, everyone looks west towards the sunset in the horizon, and that’s where we get unified.” 

The club is also putting 500 virtual pieces of the crest up for sale as non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain, selling the NFTs for $50 or giving them away with purchase of a $50 seat deposit. The crest will also appear on billboards, subway cars and other advertisements around the city and in other global markets. Merchandise featuring the new crest is now available for sale on the club’s website. 

UCLA women’s soccer coach and founding Angel City investor Amanda Cromwell pointed out one more hidden meaning behind the use of the Red-tailed Hawk, the visual inspiration for the crest’s angel.

“The female is bigger, stronger, faster than the male,” said Cromwell. “Just saying, we’re going to be that on the field.” 

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