EP2 - WNBA Season Recap

Last Updated November 2, 2021


Show Notes

Becky: [00:00:00] Welcome to this bonus Venus sports podcast. We’re going to be recapping the WNBA season that was. So we have a couple of Venus Sports reporters here and we’ll just go around and introduce ourselves, starting with Hannah.

Hannah: Hi, thanks so much for having me, Becky. My name is Hannah
Oberman-Breindel, and I cover the Connecticut Sun and the Washington
Mystics for Venus Sports and then also Gotham FC, but no soccer fans
on this podcast.

Becky: Not today.

Zach: I’m Zach diamond. I cover the New York Liberty for Venus

Eric: What's up everyone. My name is Eric Nemchock. I cover kind of everything for Swish Appeal. Also uh, Hashtag Basketball and Venus Sports when it is called for

Becky: Great. And I’m Becky, or I go by Robocko in my coverage. I cover everything, but the stats in the WNBA .
So I’ll be kind of leading us through this conversation, trying to wrap up the WNBA season here. And of course, the first thing to talk
about is the finals Chicago Sky 2021 WNBA champions.

Eric: Woo!

Becky: How do we feel?

Eric: I feel good. I don’t know about anyone else on this, on this
podcast, but I feel pretty good.

Hannah: I feel like you should tell the listeners what you have in your
room. Sorry. That sounded creepy

Eric: As, as pertaining to this podcast. Yes. I have a lot of style stuff in
my room. So I have a autographed courtside seat from the team. It was a season ticket holder gift. And they gave us an autographed seat and I have no idea what to do with it. But in more and more recent artifacts, I actually have one of the streamers that pops down from the Jumbotron
area when the Sky won the championship. I don’t know what I'm doing with that either. It’s still a work in progress, but I have a Sky championship streamer in my room. I’mm very, very proud of it.

Becky: Incredible. And because I don't have courtside tickets, I sit lowly
back. I [00:02:00] just have a couple pieces of confetti that fell and some
towels that they gave out .
So. I personally, as much as I root for the Sky, I was shocked to see us
there in the finals. Who do we think? Was it more surprising to see the
Phoenix Mercury there or the Chicago Sky being our five vs. six teams.

Hannah: I mean, sorry to the Sky fans, I feel embarrassed because
obviously the Sky won and they seemed like once I was watching them
in the playoffs, I thought they were going to win.
But before the playoffs, I thought they were going out in the first round.
I'm sorry.

Becky: You thought that the Dallas Wings were taking them out?
Hannah: I thought maybe the Wings look, they were so spotty all
season. They were so spotty and because I covered the Mystics and I
watched the Mystics beat them when they had Candace Parker, when
they were fully healthy. And the Mystics also had a spotty season. I was
sort of, I was going out on a limb. I thought, you know, No one is more
clutch than Arike [Ogumbowale] and maybe the Wings will take it. I also,
I [00:03:00] had two good friends were really, really, really hot on the
Dallas Wings. And so I was kind of, they were in my ear. So I'm sorry.
But yeah, I, I'm embarrassed to say it.

Zach: You know, it's interesting when you look at this Chicago Sky with
Candace Parker and you look at them without Candace Parker, because
when the Sky started the season two and seven and they weren't
winning with, with Parker out with an injury. At the time, I don't remember
considering the Sky like serious contenders.
So just like that, that they were 500 all year as well. Like I, I shocked that
Chicago that they like made it all the way, especially beating the Sun.

Becky: Yeah, Hannah as our Sun reporter. Could you give us an
insight? What you thought, what went wrong in the, in the series there
for the Sun?

Hannah: It was really confusing. I think so the Sun relied all season on a
really staunch defense. They slowed the pace down for all of their
opponents and they just couldn't do that against the Sky[00:04:00] in
their series. The Sky also have a lot of size to compete with the Sun's
size. The Sun except for the one game that they won they really couldn't
get an offense going.
I also, I love Alyssa Thomas so much. I wonder if her return to the Sun
affected the team's chemistry a little bit And I say that loving her, loving
the Sun and loving the fact that when she was playing, we had two
couples on the court sometimes plus a pair of sisters, like one on the
bench and one on the court.
So it was wild and I'm really into that. I wonder about whether they had
enough time to figure out how to gel with that combination of players.
Becky: Yeah, I agree with that with the Sun that they have a very clear
group system, even though they have Jonquel Jones is the MVP but she
fits in as the MVP with a system that supports her and Alyssa thomas is
someone who kind of demands the ball and [00:05:00] does her best
work when she's barreling into the paint and just like.
Yeah. Doing her um, the little heave Jumpshot that somehow goes in all
the time, which doesn't look like it physically will.
Hannah: Yeah. The shot put.
Becky: And I think that that messes with the system and it, it kind of was
the opposite of the Sky where you saw flashes of their offense, all
working in tandem throughout the season, but they couldn't always keep
it together.
You would see one quarter where you're like, aha, this is what the Sky
are. This is the type of offense they'll play. And then the next quarter,
they just won't score. The Sky were able to finally put that together in the
postseason while the Sun had to try to re put it together on the fly in four

Hannah: Yeah. And they couldn't do it. And the Sky looked so good. I
mean, congratulations to the Sky fans. I just, everything came together I
thought Kahleah Copper absolutely was a deserving MVP, [00:06:00]
but you had so many MVPs on that team. Even from that series. I was
thinking, I mean, Sloot showed up throughout the playoffs and I know
she's been, I think she's the best point guard in the league sort of hands
But she, I mean, her assist average in that finals was insane. And then
Parker, you know, played like the Candace Parker you want her to be all
the time. So all three of them felt like MVPs to me. And then you had
everyone playing a role. So I don't know. I thought it was a pretty perfect
series for them.
Eric: Yeah, that's, that's one thing I think the Sky team really did well is
they don't really have like a lot of one dimensional players. I think one of
the ways they were able to be Connecticut was able to take advantage
of Connecticut. Cause you know, the Sun don't really have a lot of
guards who are looking to score or looking to create for themselves or
for others.
And granted they have one of the best front courts in the game with
Jonquel Jones and Brionna Jones and then you add an Alyssa Thomas
there. But Becky made a good point about [00:07:00] incorporating
Alyssa Thomas. To me, I think Alyssa Thomas is, is the type of player
who you shouldn't have that big of a problem reincorporating into your
But part of the reason why the Sun changed, how they wanted to play
before the season was they were lacking Alyssa Thomas. Cause before
this season, you were thinking of the Sun is a, a team that really wanted
to get out and transition and push the ball and Alyssa Thomas was a
huge part of that. When they slowed it down, they wanted to play
through the Joneses more often.
And then Thomas came back and like, I think as a defensive player, you
can kind of plug and play her whenever you want. But as an offensive
player, she has a very specific skill set, both strengths and weaknesses.
And in the middle of a contested semifinal series, when you have a team
in the Sky playing their best basketball of the season, it's hard to kind of
re-establish your team's identity with a star player like Thomas, who was
going to demand, you know, so much of the game plan.

But on the other hand, I think the Sky we're just playing really, really
good basketball. James Wade and his coaching staff had one heck of a
series as far as making adjustments and, and devising game plans,
particularly [00:08:00] defensively on the defensive side of the ball.
The one thing that I, I want to say is, you know, Chicago, they had this
up and down 500 season. I think that actually played their advantage
when it came to the playoffs. Because when you had the game against
Dallas and the game against Minnesota, the Sky actually had time to
prepare and to gel and to kind of continue learning how to play together.
You know what I'm saying? So like, yeah, they might've been tired by the
time it came a time to play against the Sun. And you really saw that in
game two of the semifinals when everyone was just totally gassed after
the, after the double overtime game one, but the Sky were, they were
hot, you know, they were playing good basketball.
They were, they had learned how to play together and they had the extra
prep time basically. So I think the, the sixth seed worked out just fine for
Becky: So turning to Phoenix, what do we think went wrong for
Phoenix? Or is it just that Chicago went right.
Zach: Well, outside of Phoenix's big three, I'm not sure how much they
had left there. You know, you have [00:09:00] Sophie Cunningham and
you have Shey Peddy, but outside of, their big three averaging, like 60
points a game, I'm not really sure how much depth you had past that.
Kia Nurse, I think could have made a difference because I think that they
just needed more options off the bench could have taken some, some
pressure off of Cunningham and Peddy .
Eric: Yeah. I think the lack of depth was an issue as well, but you know,
I'm not absolving this big three of blame except for Brittney Griner. She
was pretty amazing. And [overtalk about BG] As a Sky fan
Yeah. Yeah. She was amazing. Skylar Diggins-Smith, had her, moments
of struggle, although she had, some really good moments as well. Diana
Taurasi, she just had some bad shooting games, you know we aren't
used to seeing that from DT, but she had several games that were, she
just couldn't get a shot to drop.

And that's, that's a big problem. Like Phoenix, I think is a very, they're a
very top heavy roster, if that makes sense. Like they have a lot of upper
end talent and maybe not so much depth. Like they actually didn't, they
couldn't afford to carry 12 [00:10:00] players on the roster this season
because they were investing so much in their, big three.
But of course that approach can go haywire if one or two of your big
three, it just isn't playing well. And I think you saw that in the Chicago
series, you saw, it seemed that while the Sky also were only carrying 11
players, they had more functional depth than Phoenix did. I think
Phoenix, you, you had a lot of players who were either too hesitant to
shoot the ball or, you know, just weren't capable enough offensively to
kind of balance out what they were missing from Taurasi and, and
Diggins-Smith it at certain times I think the Sky, they were just, just, they
sped, the game up to a point where it made the Mercury uncomfortable,
they forced a lot of turnovers.
They were pretty good on the, on the defensive glass as well. So while
Brittney Griner did put up an amazing performance in the finals, I think
the effort that it was that the Mercury were making to get her the
basketball and the amount of times they turn it over, trying to get her, the
basketball really kind of benefited the Sky almost.
Becky: Yeah. I was thinking about it watching the series. To me,
Brittney Griner was the best player on the court almost at all times.
[00:11:00] And I was wondering whether this big three is, really the best
composition to be around her. If you were building your team, knowing
that you consider Brittney Griner, your best player, would you make up
the team this way or are there different pieces you think should be
around her or do you disagree with the premise?
Eric: I like half agree, half disagree. Cause I think, you know, when the
Mercury traded for Skylar Diggins-Smith, I thought that was a terrific
move. Obviously, whenever you, whenever you can acquire a player, of
Diggins-Smith's caliber, you're going to do it. But when I think about
Brittney Griner, I mean, she's such a threat in the, in the low post.
Once she catches the basketball, even you, there's basically nothing
you can do because she's either going to shoot over you or you can
send a double team at her, but it doesn't matter because she's, she can
see over the double team. So in my opinion, you should emphasize
shooting more like Kia Nurse going down that, that really sucked, cause

I think Kia Nurse, she could at least, you know, maybe hit the occasional
spot up three pointer and play off the basketball a little bit. [00:12:00] But
like I said before, there were just a lot of players on the floor who were
kind of hesitant to shoot the basketball for the mercury. And when you
were playing with Brittney Griner, you gotta be ready to make those,
those quick decisions, you know?
Cause BG's going to get the ball. She's either going to shoot it or she's
going to pass it a stunning analysis there. I know it sounded better in my
head when I, when I, when I said that. But I just, I'm not sure. I'm just not
sure if that complimentary composition of players really play to Brittany
Grinder's advantage, particularly at the four spot.
Brianna Turner, an amazing defensive player and really, I think kind of
underrated offensive player in her own right. But when you put her next
to Brittney Griner, that's just inviting players. It's just like daring teams to
not guard Brianna Turner. And that's what the sky did. You know,
Candice Parker is a really gifted defensive player and she's a really
intelligent defensive player.
So both she and Azura Stevens, I think did a really good job of kind of
roaming around in the paint there and kind of forcing the mercury to
make a [00:13:00] different decision with the basketball.
Hannah: I've been a fan of Brianna Turners since she was on Notre
Dame I think as you said, she's an incredible defender. The Mercury
also sort of figured out how to use she has got great hands. So they
were running that AlleyOOP over and over and over again. There's
Becky: I love that play.
Hannah: And it was, and it was so good. I think that this off season,
Brianna Turner needs to develop a jump shot and, you know, watching
her put the ball on the floor, she wasn't as comfortable doing it. Maybe it
was because she was hesitant and it was a high pressure situation. Or
maybe she's just not as comfortable. But when she, when Brittney Griner
puts the ball on the floor, she is doing something with it. And every time
Turner had the ball and was dribbling, it looked like she was about to
lose it.
And I think that , the Sky's defense on Griner did not stop Griner but
Griner alone couldn't carry the Mercury there. I will also say though that

for me, as much as I can pick [00:14:00] apart the, where the Mercury
was maybe lacking. I really do think it was about the Sky's talent coming
together at the right time and playing and playing well together.
Because if you look at the Sky's roster, or for me at the beginning of the
season, once they signed Candace Parker, that was the team at the
very beginning of the season that I thought was going to be really, really,
really, really good. And then they had this back and forth season. , I
couldn't figure out why they weren't gelling but just like top to bottom,
that roster, that roster seemed built for a championship.
And I think you're right, that there are a lot of there more holes and
question marks on the Mercury's roster.
Becky: Anything else to say about the, the finals, the champs?
Hannah: I feel like you might end up cutting this Becky, but I will just say
we are a Cunningham household. Which I just feel like I should say it on
the record because otherwise I might get in trouble.
So that doesn't so I will just say you know, [00:15:00] I'm, I don't write
about the Liberty, but I love the Liberty. I'm a New Yorker. Cunningham's
game against Liberty was out of…
Becky: Zach is just shaking his head.
Hannah: Yeah, it , it was cool to see her go off like that. I've watched
Mizzou basketball games. She's a player who is like hard to root for, and
also fun to root for. So I really, I was very into the, Kahleah Copper
Cunningham beef. The t-shirts are great and, you know, good on
Kahleah Copper for monetizing it. And I feel like Cunningham has
handled it very well also.
Becky: Do we have a rebuttal from the New York Liberty reporter?
Zach: You know, every single time Sophie Cunningham like drained a
three-pointer in that Mercury Liberty game, it was like, ah, like Sophie
freaking Cunningham, you know, like I, I thought the, the Liberty did a
good job that game of actually keeping the Mercury's [00:16:00] like
Taurasi didn't play, but Griner and Diggins- Smith.

Like they didn't have crazy games. So the fact that like the Liberty came
so close to winning and it was like Sophie Cunningham that like dash the
Liberty's hopes Sophie Cunningham is like deeply ingrained in my
Liberty fandom now for the wrong reasons. Yeah.
Eric: I think, you know, if I, if I may say something, I think that
showcases one of the perils of the single elimination playoff series.
Sophie Cunningham is not going to be the best player in a five game
series, but, you know, in, in a, in a one-off, anything can happen. And
you could see a complimentary player like Cunningham just certainly get
really hot from the field.
And, you know, that's, that's the deciding factor. So, but in the Liberty is
still could have won that game too, but that's just, it goes to show all the,
all the chaos that can happen in those first two rounds.
Zach: Yeah. Who could predict that Cunningham would go, you know,
like six for seven from three-pointer like that [00:17:00] game.
Becky: Yeah, absolutely. I think you're right Zach that there's a Liberty
could also pat themselves on the back that they've shut down their best
players. And sometimes, you know, a good game plan is saying, I'm
going to shut down your stars. And if you want to beat me, beat me,
you're going to have to have your bench beat me. And they were just
able to do that. But it's unlikely they would have been able to do that if it
was a longer series.
Hannah: Yeah. I'm, I'm pretty strongly anti the one game elimination
series. It feels like a disservice.
Zach: So my, I feel like this is, could be a very long segment. It could be.
Hannah: That's why Ihesitated to say it. I feel like maybe it's just a given.
Is everyone, are we all on the same page about that?
Eric: I honestly have no opinion, but everyone else hates it. So I'll just
jump on the bandwagon and say, I hate it.
Becky: I want more WNBA basketball as a rule. So really, if it were, you
know, [00:18:00] if the season were 80 games long and there was longer
off season, I'm all for it or post season. But I think it's also hard because
they're balancing, they're trying to squish their season at this tiny little

time constraint and allow people to go overseas. So I understand some
of those factors that go into making the playoffs, not as long as we'd love
it to be.
Zach: I think the playoffs scheduling would be easier if the only six
teams made it. And I find that eight having two thirds of the league make
the playoffs. It makes the playoffs like kind of illegitimate because it,
unless you're like a bottom feeder, you're going to make the playoffs.
Like the fact that the Liberty were 12 and 20 and like were a playoff
team. Like they held their own, but. I don't think that the eight and seven
seeds really have any business being there in such a small league.
Hannah: I agree a hundred percent Zach. I, and I know like you work
from a place of love. I'm seeing you say that about your 12 and 20
Liberty. I do, I feel like [00:19:00] it cheapens the playoffs a little bit. So I
would rather have a top six in a league of 12, top six, where the first
round is a five game series or at least a three game series.
Eric: How about, how about you to shorten the regular season
Hannah: Shorten the regular season?
Eric: Yeah well be because you only, no, no, no. I'm saying shorten the
regular season in favor of a longer post season, because I mean, you
only have a certain amount of space to work with and it's already kind of
tight. So, I mean, that's just another option, you know, make the regular
season, I don't know, 28 to 30 games or whatever, and then use that
extra week or so to squeeze in an extra couple of games in the first two
rounds, because everyone's got to go overseas anyway.
And you're already seeing these, these overseas teams, like they're
waiting and you're like, oh, come on, hurry up. Let's let's, let's go. We
want our, we want our imports. So like there's, there's already not
enough time to work with unfortunately. And the CBA, like we kind of just
made a new CBA as well. So if you're going to actually extend things,
then you'd have to kind of go back to the drawing board with the
[00:20:00] CBA, I think. So that's just like you have, you have a lot of,
you have a certain amount of. Time period within these few months and
like, we all hate it. So I think it's just a matter of trying to figure out how to
most efficiently use that time.

Hannah: I would say though, that you know, and the WNBA is doing this
a little bit more with the Commissioner's Cup and then various sort of
sponsorship deals that they, I, and I am not, I am not an expert on this.
So for example, the crypto card, I don't even really understand
cryptocurrency, but I do know that the WNBA just got a cryptocurrency
entity, let's call it an entity to sponsor the Commissioner's Cup.
So I would say in general, like pay these players, incentivize the
playoffs, even more. Incentivize the end of season awards, et cetera,
which already is incentivized. If there's more money in the league, then
players won't necessarily have to go play [00:21:00] elsewhere. So, you
know, this is me, I'm I'm talking wishfully here, right?
Becky: I'm curious now that we're at the end of the season, how do we
feel like the Commissioner's Cup worked as a concept? Cause I
completely forgot about it, frankly, until Hannah, you just mentioned it
Eric: So I kept forgetting about it. The only reason I, like I knew the
Commissioner Cup existed, and this is going to make me look really bad
because I'm supposed to be writing about the WNBA and podcasting
about the WNBA.
But Ihonestly kept forgetting it existed. They had the little, the little trophy
graphic next to each game. I'm like, oh yeah, I guess it's the
Commissioner's Cup game. Right. And I'm like, okay, well, so what. You
know, I don't think they did a good enough job. Like I understand why
they did it. And I think it was a good idea. I just don't think, I just don't
think the execution was that great. Like the, I think they should've done a
better job of advertising. Like why the Commissioner's Cup was such a
big deal. Is that, is that fair?
Zach: Totally. I think the biggest thing going off Eric is like, as a
[00:22:00] fan, as someone who engages with the WNBA like, why
should I care?
You know? Like, like what's the, like, what's the competitive incentive
here for a, the players and the scope of league, but as well as like fans,
like what, what did, like, what did anyone really get out of that? And I
think that like…

Hannah: They got $30,000, which thank you. I would take it. So if you're
saying that you don't want it, it's fine. I get it. But like that would, I would
get something out of that.
Zach: Well, yeah. There's like, you know, the financial incentive for the
players, but for fans, like, I guess that's like nice that they are getting
compensated for it.
Eric: So it's like, yay. They got more money.
Becky: But what's interesting about it too, is the Commissioner's Cup
game. I mean, I know the scheduling was weird, so it was probably hard
for teams, but we had the Seattle Storm absolutely destroying the
Connecticut Sun, which did not in any way reflect [00:23:00] how the
season was. Right. Where the Connecticut Sun after that game never
lost another game and the Storm completely fell off.
And obviously there's, there's reasons why that happened, but it, to me,
it even puts it further back in my memory of, of having mattered this
season. Cause it really, I didn't feel like we learned much from the game
either from watching it.
Hannah: I mean, I would say just to counter that a little bit in part,
because I think that I admire the league for trying something new. I
agree, Eric, that the rollout wasn't great. I think as a fan of the WNBA as
a league and as a fan of players and as a fan of women's sports in
general, I'm all for players making more money. And I know that that is
not like that's not as fun to root for as teams and rivalry is, but there's so
much less money in women's sports.
And so any game that is going to put more [00:24:00] money in player's
pockets, I, as a fan, want to root for, and as a writer, I want to sort of
frame in ways that I think will make more people sort of understand
what's at stake.
Eric: Absolutely.
Hannah: For me, I would say the Commissioner's Cup gave maybe
gave Connecticut a kickin theass and maybe gave every other team in
the league.

And maybe even your sweet Chicago Sky, a blueprint on how to beat
the Connecticut Sun because Seattle shut down Connecticut that game
in a way that sorta was akin to what Chicago did.
Becky: I did hold onto that game when we started the semi-finals and I
was like, okay, at that point, I was like, I just want the Sky not to be
swept. That was my mentality as a Sky fan, I was like, well, the Storm
did it once, so we have a chance. But that is a good point that it really
did show that, that the Sun could be beaten, which didn't seem obvious.
So it [00:25:00] sounds like for some of us, the Commissioner's Cup was
not the favorite moment of the season. What are the favorite moments
this season? What are you going to look back on?
Zach: I have an off the court moment that I just, so at the last Liberty
game of the season that they were at home and throughout the whole
season, you know, they have marriage proposals on like the jumbotron
or whatever on like the big screen. And so like middle of the game, they
were, they were like had a wedding proposal or a marriage proposal on
the jumbotron.
And like the whole crowd was watching the crowds going hype. Cause
they're watching us. And the, the person who was asked, she looked
very distressed and then like full on, like said something in his ear and
like ran off. She took all of her stuff and ran off with the entire stadium
watching. And everyone was, there was just like such a collective
moment of everyone in the crowd being like: [00:26:00] "Oh, my God. I
can't believe that we just witnessed that." And that we all, when this, that
live and like for all of us to see. And like, you know, I say it as like a
favorite moment, it's kind of like, I guess maybe a little morbid because
you know, like you know, someone's relationship is, you know, in
distress or whatever, but just like the, the context and timing of
everything, it was just so funny.
And like everyone was turning to each other, all of the writers in the
press box and all the fans. It was just, it was such an amazing feeling,
obviously, just to share that like moment with everyone. And my on the
court is game one of the semifinals Sky vs Sun, double overtime
Vandersloot with her triple double. Like, that was just an amazing game.
And like, you really, you didn't know who was going to win until like the
very end.

Hannah: Okay. I just have to say Zach. I was, so I was at that game as
a fan. I am not going to say that you are broken inside for having that be
yourfavorite moment where you relish the togetherness of all of us. But
yes, I was, I was there. I [00:27:00] nearly vomited. I felt so anxious
watching that. And then actually on the subway on the way home my
crew of people ran into two women who were carrying timeless torches
bags. The Timeless Torches, Chicago Sky people, do you know this? So
the Liberty dancers are the Timeless Torches. And they are an over 45,
many over 60 dance squad. So they're, they're excellent. And so seeing
two Timeless Torches on the subway platform at the Atlantic station
what that was actually that was off the court, like famous moment for
But anyway, we asked them whether it had perhaps been staged, this
moment of rejection and they said, absolutely not. And actually that
event staff was in big trouble for it.
Zach: Oh, I'm sure. You know, it's funny . Because everyone around
[00:28:00] me also was being like, "Is it staged? Is this real? "And people
on the internet were like, "is this staged? Is this real?"
Hannah: And everyone wanted it to be staged except for you
Zach: No, I, I'm like, nah, there's no way this was staged, like this, this
was too real and like raw of a moment. Like you can't like stage
something like this. And also like why, like what, why would you like
stage a, a marriage proposal that goes wrong? Like that just seems
weird. Like who would do that?
Becky: For me and I don't know if this controversial, but for me, like I
have seen multiple proposals at WNBA games and they're always
between two women. And I feel like, I feel like I only want lesbian
proposals at my games. Like I think the problem was it was a straight
couple. And like, you can go anywhere else with that. This is a WNBA.
Only queer proposals.
Hannah: Love it. Love it.
Becky: That's my hot take for today is only queer proposals at WNBA

Hannah: #onlyqueerproposals. The WNBA should [00:29:00] get that
one too.
Um, My on-court favorite moment of the season was the overtime game
that the Washington Mystics won against the Seattle Storm when they
had a, essentially a six player rotation because everyone was injured.
Leilani Mitchell had an insane game. Tina Charles sent the game into
overtime and scored, you know, had one of her 30 plus games, Theresa
Plaisance played, you know, up in the rafters. And it was a game that
Mystics had no business winning. And I say that as someone who really
respects the talent on the Mystics team, but they just, they, they had no
subs. And the Storm are an incredibly deep and talented roster. And
watching them win that game in overtime was still, it was like a top thrill
of the season.
Becky: Any favorite moments, Eric?
Eric: Besides the [00:30:00] obvious, I would say I mean, obviously it's
the Sky winning the championship is my top on-court moment, but for,
for other across the league. A couple things. One, I think it was really
cool to see veteran players like Sylvia Fowles and Tina Charles really
continue to play outstanding basketball.
You know, the WNBA is a league in which continues to get more and
more talented every year. And it's, it's hard to maintain that level of elite
play, especially, you know, when the kind of the scope of the game of
basketball is changing. And you've seen Tina Charles in particular adapt
to her game, you know, she's extended to range to be on the three-point
line. And she was really, you know, obviously the season didn't go as
planned for the Mystics with [Elena] Delle Donne never really recovering
from her, her back injury in time and [Emma] Meesseeman and not
coming over. And you know, Alysha Clark, unfortunately getting injured
before she can make her Mystics debut, but Tina Charles really carried
that team and she proved that she can still be a high usage player and
an effective player in the WNBA.
And Sylvia Fowles on the otherhand. [00:31:00] Just the ageless one. I
mean another Defensive Player of the Year award. Still killing it on the,
on the glass recorded, I believe she, she was up there and steals as
well. She was one of the league leaders in steals and for an age 35, 36
center, that's pretty darn good. So just to see two…

Hannah: And a mortician.
Eric: Yeah, and a mortician and budding mortician as well. She's very
talented. That's Sylvia, Sweet Syl. Yeah. So just, just to see two legends
of the game really continue to play at that elite level, I think was, was
really, really awesome.
And then on the other like on the other side of the age spectrum, I think
it was really cool to see DiDi Richards kind of come into her own as for
the New York Liberty, actually, you know, the, the Liberty as a team
really had a great energy about them.
I really enjoyed watching them if for no other reason just the bench
reactions. I feel like their bench was, was lit like every single game, no
matter how much, no matter what the score was, Zach is nodding. Like
Zach saw it every game. They were a team that just had boundless
energy on and off the court and for a budding young team and really a
critical point in that, in the, in the [00:32:00] juncture of the WNBA too,
you know, at the 25th anniversary viewership is up and everything. Just
to have a team like that, that is just so energetic, no matter what the
circumstances are. I felt like it was a lot of fun to watch as an objective
Zach: As an unobjective viewer, as someone who, as someone who's
like, you know, a pro Liberty, I feel like that really like stood out for the
Liberty in terms of their identity. The fact that like, I felt that everyone on
the Liberty loved being there and like being a part of that team. And that,
that was really cool for a team that like, was in the basement last year at
two and 20.
And just like DiDi Richards, just like coming to the league. And, and
somehow like being one of the most popular, like well-known players, I'd
say from like outside people who don't follow the league, I feel like they
like kind of heard of her. And I feel she's like for, for someone who, you
know, was only playing 10, 15 minutes [00:33:00] off the bench, I feel
Made such a huge, she has such a big presence …
Hannah: The Liberty really did strike gold with their two rookies. I mean,
they not only did they obviously Michaela Onyenwere is Rookie of the
Year, DiDi Richards was on the All Rookie team. And so they're, they're

two of the top five rookies in the league, but also they're both incredibly
They seem, and as you said, they seem to love New York they're
invested in New York. I think there was a, there was a photo circulating
with Jay Z and DiDi and Betniijah Laney .
So I don't know. I think they're going to be an exciting team to watch
because of their young talent. And then, you know, the, I think they refer
to them as baby vets, they have on the team. I think they're going to be
an exciting team for the next bunch of years.
Zach: How exciting was it? I feel like in like back-to-back weeks, first
Betnijah Laney was like on a panel, like sitting next to [00:34:00] like
Derek Jeter in like, like one week and then a week later Laney and Didi
Richards are at like, at dinner with like Jay Z and I'm thinking like, man,
that's so cool.
Like I'm so like happy for, especially Betnijah, just like becoming a, like,
you know, a star in this league, like really like raising her profile. Like the
slam cover, like amazing.
Hannah: Also shout out to Rutgers women's basketball because
Betnijah Laney and Kahleah Copper were teammates. So thank you,
Rutgers. Thank you, New Jersey. Thank you. C. Viv.
Zach: Thank you. New Jersey.
Becky: So I guess rounding up our, our talk about this season, the
season recap. Any outstanding, like question marks from this season.
I mean, for me, there's a couple, I think there's a couple of cases of just
completely missing players that I'm still, you know… Indiana Fever,
haven't given us any [00:35:00] information on where did Kysre
Gondrezick go? I hope she's doing well, but it's, it's hard when it's a
professional league and someone who likes to cover it and likes to pay
attention to it, to just get absolutely no information about where the, the
fourth pick went.
And the same with Chennedy Carter down in Atlanta, we have this
absolutely incredible star. We have a little information, there was some

sort of altercation, and then she's just gone. Any other open question
marks from the season?
Eric: I mean, I was, I was going to say, what on earth is going on with
the Dream. We saw, they hired Tanisha Wright as their head coach. We
saw it, Dan Padover was hired as their, as their general manager, but for
most of the season, like the Dream didn't really seem to have a very
structured organization. I mean, they, they went through three coaches
and it had three head coaches in the span of in the span of the season.
You had the altercation as you, as you, as you referred to The whole, all
the drama with Courtney Williams and Crystal Bradford and that
YouTube video that was posted. Really just an endless… [00:36:00] just
so much went wrong on and off the court for the Dream.
And it was kind of disheartening as a fan, honestly, to see that happen
because I hold these players in very high regard typically. And when,
whenever, you know, stuff like that happens, it's, it's, it's weird. You
know, it feels like it shouldn't be happening in the WNBA, but, you know,
there are people too, this stuff happens, people make mistakes and
things get blown out of proportion and everything like that. But just, just
the Dream in general. I mean, there was such a, it's such a weird
season. You went into the season and that , the way that roster was
built, did it make any sense? I mean, they had a lot of ball dominant lead
Maybe not a lot going on in the front court or on the wings. You had a
head coach in Mike Peterson who was promoted interim coach, even
though he didn't really want to do it. And then he kind of just like, kind of
had kind of just like left after. How, how, how, how late did he, when did
he resign? Was it, it wasn't that far into the season? Was it?
Becky: I thought it was through the Olympic break, but [00:37:00]
maybe it was earlier
Eric: Okay. That, yeah, that sounds, that sounds about right. But he
didn't last very long and then they promoted another interim coach and
Darius Taylor. And he got promoted recently to, I believe, assistant GM
with, with Dan Padover..
So just a complete lack of, of hierarchy and organization within the
organization. Then you had Renee Montgomery as the team owner
going on ESPN halftime report and saying, you know, "Kahleah Copper

go where the money is." It's like, wait a minute. Is this not a conflict of
interest here? I joke somewhat, but just a really weird season, both on
and off the court for the Dream and I'm hoping they, they have a plan
heading into the off season and are able to kind of address those issues.
Becky: One of the most bizarre things that the Dream did. I know there's
so many stories about it, but. They were so clearly not going to make the
playoffs and they're missing players, they bring in Blake Dietrich at the
end of the season. She's a great player. Like I, I wish the league were
bigger so that she could be on a team. But she was getting minutes over
Aari McDonald, who is the [00:38:00] future, should be the future of the
league. And they're just giving those minutes away to someone who isn't
gonna be on the team next year.
That was like, that was the most bizarre thing of everything that
happened at the Dream to me is not even attempting to develop…
Eric: Two people. Because they're playing Odyssey Sims over her too.
And OdysseySims her contract is up after the season. They're not going
to retain Odyssey Sims. So you're not going anywhere, why, why
wouldn't you play your, your future star point guard? I don't know
Becky: if you're going to lose anyway, let her get experience and lose.
Hannah: It really was unclear what was happening though. I mean, that
logic seems pretty on point, but that clearly was not the logic with which
the Dream were operating for much of the season.
Becky: Have any guesses of the logic?
Hannah: I, I honestly, I really spent most of the season trying to figure it
out. I don't, I don't know. I don't know. I don't know, except that it
seemed like there were a lot of personality tensions among the players
and [00:39:00] even potentially between coaching, staff and players. And
that sort of, whenever I can't explain things, I wonder if some, if
something is going on beyond play.
Zach: You know, when a week and a half before the season started,
and Nicki Collen randomly became Baylor head coach. The Dream. I
feel like after that, it's like, all right, we're just going to like punt this
season, because like, when do you ever see a sports team lose their top
coaching leadership like right when a season is supposed to start. It's

just like, it was very like bizarre timing. I don't really know how teams like
recover from that. You're going into the season, like with like a disruption
of your like, you know, process, I guess like your basketball process.
Eric: Your culture.
Zach: Like Nikki Collin was so, that was so weird the way she left.
Hannah: Yeah. I'm really Interested to see what happens with Baylor
basketball under her, also. But [00:40:00] it's a loss for the Dream.
I guess the other question marks for me really are they're they're sort of
leading into off season questions. Meaning I wonder Eric, you brought
up Delle Donne , she's a big question mark for me in not just in terms of
her health which obviously I I'm sure all of us are invested in her health
and her playings, and she's one of the transcendent talents in the
league. But I'm interested to see to see how Washington navigates the
question marks around her health and whether they will continue to
make space for a potential return or whether now that it has been two
seasons of her absence, whether there will be some kind of shift in how
they approach it.
So I'm interested in seeing that. I'm interested in seeing you know, is
Sue bird going to retire? I hope not. I kind of hope she plays one more
season. I mean, I'm never ready [00:41:00] ever to say goodbye to
people, but in the end they still feel like she was one of the top point
guards in the league and can play if she wants to.
So, but if she stays, I don't know that Jordin Canada will stay That brings
me to free agency. I feel like you, you all probably have a lot to say
about free agency questions. There's so many, so many big ones.
Becky: There are so many big ones. I, I do think it's possible that we get
Jewell Loyd to Chicago. I think that would be huge. I'm not exactly sure
how the money all works out. I'll let someone else math that.
Hannah: I'm going to throw some cryptocurrency.
Eric: Um A lot of people are talking about that about Jewell potentially
coming home to play for the Sky after watching Candace Parker come
home to play it for the Sky., I don't know how it would work financially.
Cause the Sky have a lot of decisions to make.

Vanderquigs both need to be re-signed. Kahleah Copper needs to be re-
signed and you can bet she's going to get the bag thrown at her by the
Sky. [00:42:00] Steph Dolson needs to be re-signed. I'm kinda on the
fence about that, but I think she, she proved her value to the team in the
playoffs. And then Diamond DeShields is a restricted free agent.
I don't think the Sky will be able to retain DeShields, I think a lot, some
other team with more cap space is just going to throw more money at
her than the Sky can afford to match. And that'll be that.
But yeah, if, if Loyd was to come to the Sky, I think a lot, a lot of things
would need to happen. Don't get, don't get me wrong. It'd be amazing.
And I, I was on record last season, last off season of saying, yeah, the
scar aren't getting Candace Parker. So I have been wrong about this
before, and I'd love to be wrong about it.
But I'm, I'm cautiously optimistic. We'll put it that way.
Becky: I wrote a whole article about how Candace Parker should come
to the sky and then she did. So I should probably write one for Jewell
Loyd as well. And I think they must be read robocoko.com.
Hannah: They definitely are. They definitely are. Also Jewell Loyd's
mom is a big sky fan. So…
Yeah. I don't know. I, I feel really confused about [00:43:00] where free
agents are going. I think many are going to many of the big ones I think
are gonna stay put, but Tina, Charles is a big question mark for me. In
her exit interviews, she did not sound like she was going back to
Washington. And if she doesn't…
She basically said that she wasn't going to say everything she wanted to
say at that moment. But she was definitely at, it was, it was that kind of
tone. And then she said, you know, she's going to wait and see, and you
know, that it was good to see people show up and work hard. The
mystics post, all of their interviews on YouTube.
So you can, you can go watch it. But yeah, so I don't know. I think the
Mystics are a really interesting team. And I think if they all got healthy
they could very quickly volt to a place where they could contend or
certainly be more competitive than they were this year, more consistent.

But [00:44:00] I'm interested because Tina Charles carried the
motherload of scoring and rebounding for that team. I, if she doesn't
stay, I'm not sure how they replace that. I'm also, I'd be really interested.
I don't where do you think she's going if she doesn't stay?
Eric: Well, I think whenever, whenever a team has a question like that, a
big name player who is going to be seeking a lot of money is brought up
in free agency the first place I'm looking is Atlanta. Because I know, I
know, hang on, hang on, hang on. I wouldn't go to Atlanta if I'm a player
either, but if you think about it, that's the team that desperately needs to
get it's house in order.
And that roster is going to be significantly overhauled, I think. Like you
say, a lot of, a lot of players are probably gonna stay put, and I agree
with that, but Atlanta is a team that one has a lot of options heading into
free agency. And two just came off a disastrous season, both on and off
the court.
So they're going to be looking to be making [00:45:00] big changes so
they could very well say like, "Hey Tina, like, you're, you're a proven vet.
You proved last year that you could still carry a team. We want you to be
the anchor of this team." You know, and maybe she goes for it. Maybe
she doesn't. But I think Atlanta is going to be a team that I don't know if
desperate is the right word, but they're going to have the space to throw
some big contracts out there and they're going to want to, they're going
to have to basically.
Zach: I think the new leadership that has come in, said the other day
that they're looking at the Dream, like they're an expansion team.
I feel like that's like a lot of, that's like a cool space to be in. With all their
players, a lot of them not really coming back, it's kind of just like a blank
canvas for them to build their team however they want to. So I can
definitely see how Atlanta, even though it's, you know, after the year
they had it's like, how do you, like, why would the top free agents want to
go there?
But I can definitely see that because you know, there are blank
[00:46:00] canvas to build a cool team, I think.
Hannah: Yeah, just just on Tina, Charles, I can't really see it because
she has said that the only thing that's left for her, she wants to win a

championship. And that's why, you know, I don't know, I don't know
different players monetary situations. If, for example, I don't know if Tina
Charles is someone who would forego her ego and sign for something
less than the supermax contract.
But I do know that she has gone on record saying she has done
everything else. And the thing she wants to do is win a championship.
And you can't, you can't bank on winning a championship with an
expansion team. There's there are just too many question marks.
Eric: How about Las Vegas? Because if Liz Cambage doesn't come
back, that's a pretty big hole in their sheet.
Hannah: She played under Bill Laimbeer. That's interesting, Eric.
Zach: Do we think that either Jonquel Jones or Cambege, do you think
we, we see them on different teams next year?
Eric: I think Cambege is a strong candidate to sit out. And [00:47:00]
Jonquel Jones. No, no, I think she stays.
Becky: I think Cambege would be fun on the Liberty. I don't think Walt
would be able to boss her around though. I'm kind of curious how that
personality match would work. I'm not sure it would happen, but, it could
be fun.
Hannah: Talent wise, I think she actually fits perfectly with that team.
And personality wise, New York is a place for Liz.
I mean, so is Vegas.
Zach: Yeah. I could see Liz having a lot of fun New York, just like really
enjoying, being in that scene.
Hannah: The culture.
Zach: Yeah. I do hear though. I don't, I don't know how, I don't want to
say she doesn't fit Liberty culture like, I like to think that the players and
the Liberty would hear that if Cambage would come, I think they'd be

You know, like I think they of course want that kind of talent to, to join
the team.
Cambage is like the type of talent that like, can bring the Liberty
[00:48:00] to like their next stage of competitions. Have them be like
legitimate contenders.
Becky: Speaking of Cambage, maybe a little bit, just because she is
someone who has built a couple of rivalries, we saw some rivalry fuel
games, this season, some rivalry fuel series, perhaps. What match-ups
either between players or teams, are you most excited for next season in
terms of seeing the beef play out on the court?
Zach: Well, as a Liberty fan and supporter I really appreciated that they
played the Mercury in the elimination game, just because of, you know,
all, all the beef between Diggins-Smith and Jaz Jones. I think that of next
year, if Phoenix and New York are both competitive, I think we will see
more of that animosity a little bit. Cause I, you know, the Twitter beef, it
was kind of , like aggressive, right?
Eric: Like, and the situation, [00:49:00] I don't think really warranted that
much hostility. Okay.
For me, I mean, right now I got to think Sky and Mercury. I mean, it's, it's
the two teams in the finals you saw how quickly the Kahleah Copper
versus Sophie Cunningham stuff. I mean, there are shirts of the
incidents. There are shirts being made of the play. That's rivalry stuff.
There you go case in point, congratulations, Becky, on your
You know, and also you have Diana Taurasi versus the Wintrust arena
door. I mean, that's compelling stuff right there. The door made an
appearance at the Sky championship rally. So I'm going to be interested
to see how Diana one ups that.
Hannah: Can I ask all of you? The announcers during the finals made a
reference to Diana Taurasi and Candace Parker having played together
in Russia and having been friends for a time. And then it went south. I
want to know what happened. Does anybody know?

Eric: Not sure maybe it has something to do with the Olympic stuff with
Candice [00:50:00] Parker being left off the Olympic team in 2016. I don't
Hannah: I'm very, I'm very interested in that. I'm I'm imagining sort of
torrid love affairs. Who knows.
Becky: I love that theory.
Hannah: Give me more love and drama. That is…
Becky: We're starting the rumor now, a, Parker Taurasi love affair: what
went wrong in Russia?
Hannah: That's actually, I would read that romance novel. Let me buy it
at JFK.
Becky: Someone is writing a fanfiction article as we speak.
Hannah: This is the opposite of a rivalry, but I will just say that the thing
it is not the thing that gave me the most pleasure, but I think that I found
quite pleasurable during the playoffs was watching BG and Liz Cambage
like joke with each other and kind of jockey for placement under the
glass and then play each other really hard and then talk shit at each
other, but like laugh and smile the whole time as they're running up and
down the court, [00:51:00] it was so cool.
Cause I was just watching. I was like, oh yeah, you're both so good. And
you respect each other and you are both having so much fun playing the
game. And I just, I loved to see it. So that is the, that is, it is a rivalry, but
it is also a rivalry in good fun. And I really loved seeing it.
Eric: I like how they shushed each other. That was funny
Hannah: That was so good.
Becky: This one isn't quite a rivalry and it already was playing out and
apologies to Liberty fans, but I was livid when Layshia Clarendon was
cut. I was mad and I was sad and I thought it was the wrong choice. And
I thought that they absolutely had the caliber to be on the team and that
their veteran leadership is something that was valuable. So watching
Layshia Clarendon move on to the Lynx, become a starter and become

key to the Lynx made my day. And every [00:52:00] single time she
plays the Liberty, I will root for her next season and just ongoing. So I
would like to continue to see him just show the Liberty that they, they
made the wrong choice.
Eric: Well, they did allude to there being more to the story than was
initially reported.
Becky: Right. Any rumors we want to start about that one on this
Hannah: More love and drama, but no, I don't think that was the case
there. But no, I'm, obviously I'm invested in that too. And I hope that
Minnesota re-signs Layshia.
Zach: You know, I think that Clarendon played a huge role for New York
in 2020 with like Ionescu missing the season and, and New York, just
not having the same like talent at their guards position that they do this
And honestly, I, I'm not sure how much Clarendon would've like played
this year. Had they stayed with Liberty? Like the best case scenario I
can think of for [00:53:00] Layshia is that he would have played, you
know, 15 minutes off the bench, like filling in. You know, at guard when,
when the Liberty need, and like, I kinda felt that Jaz Jones filled that role,
like Jaz Jones came off the bench and like played 15, 20 minutes at the
guard position.
So I just kinda think it was a product of like the Liberty just, just going
with their young guns at a position they just had a lot of depth in. And
like, they're definitely you know, is more to the story. I'm sure. I'm sure
there's, you know, some behind the scenes stuff, but at least on the
surface as a fan, I just kind of see it as like, I'm not sure how much need
there was for Clarendon and that has nothing to take away from their,
their basketball abilities, you know, like I would've loved for Clarendon to
be on the Liberty. I'm just not sure if there was really like him being on
the roster was like kind of redundant.
Becky: That's fair. So I think [00:54:00] we're, we've gone over an hour.
What I want to give us a little extra time for at the end. I don't have a
physical rant wheel, but I just want to give each of you a chance to either

rant or gush, or if you have something important that you need to get out
about this, this last season. Just give you a few moments to do so.
Zach: So I'm a collector of sports trading cards and I've in the last
couple of years I've been getting really into WNBA basketball cards.
Cause I actually growing up, I didn't have any of those. Um, actually
except the Sports Illustrated for kids, they used to have like rip out
basketball cards and all my WNBA cards from there.
But so I, I, I'm a little disappointed with the 2021 cards. The fact that
throughout the 2021 WNBA cards, there are errors like littered
throughout it, whether [00:55:00] it's like misspelling or having a name
on a card and having the wrong photo or having the right photo, but the
photos like seven years old, there's just all these errors and mistakes
that I just don't think happen with men's sports training cards. Like with
baseball cards, like the amount and the egregiousness of the errors. I
just thought it was a lot. So, you know, I feel like from someone who like
grew up loving, like my trip, my sports trading cards, I feel like that's like
a large part of like sports fandom for some people, including me.
So I was just disappointed that like the WNBA isn't getting what they
deserve and like having their trading cards, like have the right photos
and the right names and not the old photos. And I. I would really hope
that in [00:56:00] 2022, that we see an improvement. But yeah, that's,
that's, that's my rant.
Becky: The only trading card I've ever purchased is I went and got the
Kristi Toliver card with a picture of Sydney Weise on it. Cause it's
hilarious and also really, really ridiculous that this somehow made it to
be an item that I can purchase.
Eric: That's embarrassing. And you know, it's even worse is that the
league itself is making these kinds of mistakes. Continues to make these
kinds of mistakes. I will never shut up about the website being below par
and the Twitter account being below par.
It is to me, totally unacceptable that the Twitter account continues to get
facts wrong. Misspell people's names, use the wrong photos, use the
wrong names. I mean, I think, I think the, the one example I think of this
season, because it's been happening ever since I started following the
league is when they announced Jonquel [00:57:00] Jones winning MVP.

And it said something along the lines of she's the first player ever to win
MVP, Sixth Woman of the Year, and Defensive Player of the Year or
something like that. And I saw it. I was like, no, she's never won
Defensive Player of the Year. So then they deleted it and they sent it
again, but they liked, they misspelled her name and then deleted it
And then they sent the correct tweet. I'm like, it took them three tries to
send that like, what's going on here? I think. It just shows a lack of
professionalism and it doesn't meet the league where it's at, as far as the
athletes are concerned, because this is world-class basketball. And
honestly they deserve better.
The athletes deserve better. I know announcers continuously getting
players names wrong, like being mispronounced and stuff like that.
That's been a point of contention for a long time and it really kind of blew
up over the past couple of seasons because yeah, they deserve to have
their names said correctly, don't you think?. I think it's pretty, pretty
obvious. And the league is just letting itself down, you know? I mean, it
it's a professional league. It should be [00:58:00] treated that way by its
own employees. It just seems like such an easy problem to fix. For me, it
seems like such a common sense thing to me. And it's almost, it's almost
insulting to the players and insulting to the fans who have been following
this league so faithfully and so closely for all these years that this stuff
keeps happening.
Zach: Right. To me that says that there are people in positions of
leadership that are selling WNBA products, that don't have any clue
about the WNBA, right? And like that's upsetting.
Eric: It's like for me to take that one step further, it's… The WNBA is a
league that needs more respect. You need to present yourself in a way
that that demands respect basically.
Hannah: But I would say as far as my gush is concerned the thing that I
want to gush about most is the Players' Association. The WNBA Players'
Association is… it's, to me it's one of the most powerful and admirable
labor [00:59:00] associations in the country, you know, led by Nneka
Ogwumike. They're putting in place protections for players and making
this league sort of one of the most progressive places for for people to
work. The recent partnership with Modern Fertility giving free fertility
testing and reproductive support to players, the Players Association

placing a full page ad in the New York times, decrying the Texas anti-
abortion law.
It's just, it, I feel so proud of it. I have no right to be proud, but I just, I
admire it so much. And I think that as far as, you know, to loop it back to
what Eric, to what you and Zach are saying, like the leagues power is in
its players. The players know that the players are, the players have
incredible leadership and are harnessing that.
And so that's where the league should turn to in terms of [01:00:00] all of
this stuff. So I just, I don't know. I, that's the thing that I want to gush
about and gush about all the time. And when I'm trying to convince
people to start watching the WNBA, who don't care about sports I talk
about the politics and I talk about the labor practices and I talk about the
players and that for me is at the core of the league in addition to
amazing basketball.
Eric: That's really well said, and I appreciate your positivity, Hannah,
because me and Zach were just ranting for, for a lot of minutes.
That's a great point. I mean, the players are so dope and it's, it really
puts it in a perspective. When you see what's been going on with the
NBA this season with the players, I'm, I'm not even gonna pretend to
know what, what they've been doing, but there's been a lot of anti-vax
nonsense and disinformation campaigns among other professional
athletes. You just don't see that in a, in the WNBA really. [01:01:00]
I mean, the number speaks for itself.
Becky: It's because the Player's Association took the time to make
efforts, to educate the other players and give them resources to learn to
bring in healthcare experts that they could talk to and meet people
where they were.
And I agree that it really speaks to where this league shines, which is the
players. And it's meshed with the great game on the court. I thought it
was very cool that game four of the finals Stef Dolson and Brittney
Griner, both in their walk-in wear were wearing an Abortion is Healthcare
shirts supporting the Players Association campaign.
So they're showing up on the court, but also showing that they're playing
for something more as well. And it's just lovely to watch and support.

Hannah: Boom. I need it to be May.
Becky: Okay. I think um talking about how the players are rad is
probably a great, great place to stop our first Venus sports WNBA
podcast. So thanks everyone for joining me. Do we want to [01:02:00] do
a quick little round of, just tell, tell our listeners again where we can find
you. .
Eric: So once again, my name is Eric Nemchock. I write for a Swish
Appeal, which is SB Nations, women's basketball affiliates. I also have a
podcast. Were called Double Down WNBA.
You can find us on Twitter at @DoubleDownWNBA. We release a
podcast episode usually once a week, usually on Mondays . We like to
look at the game from like an analytical and statistical perspective. And
we take like deep dives into player profiles and team strategies and stuff
like that.
Becky: Okay. Hannah, where can we find you?
Hannah: So I am often yelling out my window in Washington Heights.
I'm also on Twitter at, @ObermanBreindel, which is a very long name
that I could spell out. But I don't know, Becky, maybe it'll just link to it in
the show notes. I can do that. Yes. Yeah, I'm, I'm around, I'm writing for
Venus Sports and I also have poetry online somewhere. You can look
for that too, if you're into it.
Becky: Fantastic. Zach?
Zach: [01:03:00] You can find my new York Liberty coverage at
venussports.co as well as my Twitter at @sportskvetching. Yeah, that's
Becky: Great. And I'm robo Coco. You can find me on twitter
@robocoko, on my website robocoko.com and on the same podcast
feed, I have a podcast called WNBA Life Coaching. I life-coached Zach
the other day and I help fans find their favorite WNBAplayer to root for.
And of course you can find our writing and more WNBA coverage all
throughout the year, even the off season at venusssports.co.
Okay. Thanks everyone.

Hannah: Thank you so much for having us.
Becky: Thank you again for tuning in to this bonus Venus Sports
WNBApodcast. And thank you to my cohost, Zach and Hannah and Eric
for joining me. If you like this podcast, you can go ahead and give us five
stars. And please reach out and let us know if you'd like to hear more of
this type of content from us, because we are always happy to talk more
[01:04:00] WNBA here at Venus Sports.

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